Chaplain Services

It has been proven that the law enforcement profession is both emotionally challenging and physically dangerous. The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Chaplains’ Division is part of a state-wide strategy for equipping an effective and efficient law enforcement chaplaincy response team.

Chaplains serve the entire sheriff’s office, from uniform patrol to special operations units. They specialize in caring for the unique needs of the law enforcement family, providing services such as:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Death Notification
  • Post-Shooting Counseling
  • Disaster Response Teams
  • Family Relationship Enhancement
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Counseling
  • Professional Referrals

All counseling services provided by the GSA Chaplains are strictly confidential.

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is a Called Ministry

Serving as a chaplain for law enforcement officers is a called ministry. It is not for every pastor or layperson, but for those who have a heart for the men and women in uniform. Those who are called to protect society are a closed and close-knit family. They face the evils of the world with which the public cannot identify. The chaplain’s role becomes a ministry of presence to let the sheriffs and their staff know that someone cares, someone is there for them without passing judgment, and someone is praying for them.

Ready to Stand

Law enforcement chaplains must arm themselves with the knowledge they will need to stand and be prepared for situations that arise on a daily basis in the sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies. The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Chaplains’ Division offers basic and advanced certification training programs to prepare chaplains to minister to the staff of the sheriff’s office. Each year, chaplains from all over the state meet to hone their skills and learn how to become an asset to the office or agency they serve.