Detention Center

Capt. David O’Neal
MEDICAL/DENTAL CARE for Inmates –The Pierce County Detention Center provides medical, basic dental and mental health care to inmates as needed. The medical staff is available around the clock to provide care, to assess incoming arrestees, and to dispense inmate medication. Seriously ill inmates or those needing surgery or hospitalization are transported to Mayo Healthcare System in Waycross.

Protecting Employee Health in a High-Risk Environment – Jails/Detention Centers are among the workplace environments considered at risk for contracting tuberculosis (TB) and other contagious diseases. The Detention Division is responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates, protection of inmate rights, and the delivery of inmate programs and medical services.

The Detention Division’s Administrative Support and Detention Operations Sections are crucial to day-to-day functions of the division: Classification, Housing Unit, Identification, Intake, Release, Kitchen, Inmate Property, Laundry, Bonding, Inmate Commissary, Data Entry, Accounting, Records Retention, Visitation, and Transport Control.